Who Are We?

I'm Diane, creator of all things HeavenSent through The Chickenlivers! 

I truly hope you will invite us into your homes, allowing our characters to bond with your children and help open the door to teaching them, sharing time with them and building strong foundations for the future!

The Chickenlivers are the stars of HeavenSent Stories and More and offer a way for parents, caregivers, and family members to spend worthwhile bonding moments with each other and rediscover the value of building strong foundations and creating memories.

Spending time together has become something that is hard to achieve as careers, daily chores, and online devices occupy more and more of our time.

Whether you are introducing or reinforcing Bible teachings or looking for a fun way to teach life values, we have something for you!

Our products deliver Bible stories and positive messages without relying on inappropriate content or violence because we believe we can reach kids and still have good clean fun while teaching some very important lessons.

Our books are designed to open a dialog for you allowing you to discuss each theme with your own beliefs and to enable kids to easily assimilate the positive values that our books are meant to instill, we turn these learning experiences into entertaining ones.

Each full color storybook comes with a matching full story coloring book and a coordinating plush toy of a character appearing in that volume.

Meet Po Piddy & Rock-A-Ta 

It all started with a pencil sketch in a notebook. I don't know what it looks like to you, but to me this silly 5 minute sketch years ago was telling me a story, but at the time I hadn't realized it. They were speaking to me! They had finally jumped out of my head and onto paper, but they had so much more to offer, so much more to do!

I look at it now and see two very different characters from different worlds, one helping the other and inviting him into his life. I see one is alone and the other isn't..I see action without words, no justification or explanation needed, differences didn't matter...so on and so on...they were telling me who they were.

Over time, the characters grew and formed personalities, got names, families homes, backgrounds, etc. Now they also have purpose, to present Bible and positive message stories to little ones...so much purpose, so, so much purpose!

These two became my two main characters, Po Piddy and Rock-A-Ta, an unlikely pair, so different, so the same and so perfect for each other. They inspired my first story, which is a story about everything I saw once I really looked at the sketch. It is titled, "Don't Judge a Rock by It's Color". Don't worry, it isn't sappy...it's for kids, LOL! it is a treasure hunt story jammed packed with subtle positive messages and gives a little background on the characters and you learn how the two meet. 

I hope you like them! I hope you can see them! I especially hope you want to meet them!