What Do We Get?

You never know what the theme will be! But, we can tell you, each one of our sets is uniquely based on a Bible story, moral message or special holiday theme and they are packed with coordinated goodies we are sure your child will love!

Story Books
full color story books  

The tone is set by our pride and joy, our 8.5" x 8.5" story books.Each story book is printed in corner to corner full color and feature our unique, colorful characters, "The Chickenivers", who present the Bible stories and star in our positive message and just for fun stories.The story books average 35 pages are are written in a simple verse that naturally animates the reader's voice, further engaging the little listener.  


Plush Toys


Our characters truly come to life to present our stories to your little ones in the form of super cuddly, super soft plush toys.Each toy averages 10" tall and is coordinated with each set and are 100% sewn and embroidered with no removable pieces making them safe for even the littlest little ones. (Please note, some special and holiday editions do have removable costumes).



Coloring and Activity Books

Let imaginations run wild with our 11" x 8.5" coloring books.Follow the books or color on your own. The coloring books feature large black and white versions of the matching story book pictures and are printed on heavy weight paper sturdy enough for markers as well as crayons.  Each coloring book also includes the full story and comes complete with 8 non-toxic wax crayons with colorful character labels and a carry pouch for hours of coloring fun and some editions even include games and activities!

coloring book and crayons


Keep your eyes open for surprise gifts in each box!

Some our sets include mystery gifts to surprise your little one with..but we can't tell you what they are, you'll have to see for yourselves!


Free US shipping!

Each and every one of our sets are sent directly to your child in our 12" x 9" x 6" full color shipping box, free of charge in the US!

*Make sure to put their name in the shipping information!*

full color shipping crate box